About this site

What's it all about

I decided to try to find a way to provide some relevant information regarding my first motorbike trip to the Land Down Under.  The result?  This web site.  After using it to document some of the things I learned in preparing for this effort and some of the fun things I saw/people I met on that trip, I just left it up to catch stuff from other trips.  Just lazy.  Anyway, someday I will try to upload some checklists, links, information, photos, etc. that might help the next rider on a similar trip.

What you won't find here

Anything terribly interesting.  Also anything terribly useful.  For real content, you will probably have to go somewhere else.  However, if you have, for some strange reason, any interest in taking a look at my blog, try blog.2wheelsdownunder.com.

Wanna yell at me?

If you wandered by and found this site, and for some unexplained reason you feel a need to actually contact me, try the following email address:  croleyg@2wheelsdownunder.com

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